Tucson Goddesses of Jazz

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The Tucson Jazz Goddesses

A Jazz band of skilled and versatile musicians, the Tucson Jazz Goddesses brings a blend of heavy, assertive grooves balanced by sensitivity of lyric and passion. The Goddesses reinterpret tunes from the Jazz Standards Book arranged to fit the individual personalities and styles of the musicians themselves to create a swinging Jazz experience.
Each Goddess brings years of professional performance to the table. The Goddesses have gained Jazz Studies degrees at institutions such as Wester University, Lionel Hampton School of Music, Wisconsin Conservatory of Music, the University of Arizona, and have performed in venues across this U.S. and around the world including the St Louis Symphony, the Kansas City Blue Room, music festivals, and concerts in Europe and Turkey.
The Goddesses take inspiration from the early all women Jazz groups such as the International Sweethearts of Rhythms, The Ingenues, the Harlem Playgirls, creating arrangements which features their instruments and voices. Audiences can expect to hear high-energy performances packed with unique improvisation, spontaneity and fun.
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