Biggi Venkeloe – jazz saxophonist

Biggi Vinkeloe - jazz saxophone

Discovered an interesting female musician today, Biggi Vinkeloe. Saxophonist Biggi Vinkeloe says she loves wind instruments as they are like an extension of the self Biggi Vinkeloe, one of the few lady-saxophonists of her generation, has stuck to Jazz in global band collaborations and multi-cultural troupes for several decades. She is a well-acknowledged musician, composer, …


end of July Update:

Susan Artemis, vocals & keys

Hello good people! I'm glad to be connecting with you today. It's been quite a month with some major changes, starting with adding Susan Artemis to Red Clay Jazz. We were calling it Red Clay Trio, then Red Clay Quartet, but I'm thinking that it makes more sense to just say Red Clay Jazz. Red …