Rarefaction – for your listening pleasure

Rarefaction: Susan, Tess & Mickie

Rarefaction - a cornucopia of vocals, flute & piano to create an upbeat contemporary jazz vibe that swings your socks off. Jazz piano - Susan Artemis, Jazz flute - Tess Redmoon grounded with the inimitable jazz bass of Mickie McPhillips. The Tucson jazz scene is richer for this addition! Watch and listen to our little video …


end of July Update:

Susan Artemis, vocals & keys

Hello good people! I'm glad to be connecting with you today. It's been quite a month with some major changes, starting with adding Susan Artemis to Red Clay Jazz. We were calling it Red Clay Trio, then Red Clay Quartet, but I'm thinking that it makes more sense to just say Red Clay Jazz. Red …