Jazz Flute School

Jazz Fute School – this page is dedicated to present practice tips and techniques to master the jazz language for aspiring jazz flutists.

** Update** I decided that when I upload a video for the Jazz Flute School, I’ll do it on the blog. So please check the blog posts for the latest episodes. Today is the first episode – Yay!

Ep.1 : https://wp.me/p8JtUE-cf

Ep.2: https://youtu.be/AxobjFw0anU

Ep.3: https://youtu.be/mocExejUlf0

Ep.4: https://youtu.be/dFbC_WzQ_9k

Skipping episode 5

Ep. 6 https://youtu.be/LLqItj1q9Vw

I am not a teacher, so I won’t talk about how to play your instrument, there are plenty of great flute teachers out there who can give you tips on embouchure, how to hold your flute, and much more. Instead come along with me on a journey to master the jazz language on the flute.

I’ll show you tips I’ve learned, what I do to develop technique, explore the greats of jazz flute and what we can learn from them. I’ll bring you with when I take lessons with phenomenal jazz players in this town – there are some awesome players around here!

You may wonder why me and what do I know about playing jazz flute anyway! I received a Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz Studies/Flute Performance from Webster University in St Louis, plus I’ve played in numerous jazz bands, folk, and rock groups. Check out my bio here, and listen to a clip from a recent concert with my current jazz band, Red Clay Jazz.

Btw, I’m doing this both for you and for me – this is a platform to keep me accountable to practice ethics. Plus, I hope my journey will inspire you to reach for your greatness.

Flute on and Blow your Ax!!


Tess RedMoon & Jazz Flute
Tess RedMoon & Jazz Flute