Interpersonal Tarot

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Interpersonal Tarot with Tess:

What is Interpersonal Tarot?

My definition of interpersonal tarot is using the cards to illuminate areas of your life that you want to find healing. The healing we want to see in our lives is often based on listening to our own intuition to work on the relationships within ourselves and with others.

In interpersonal tarot, the immediate relationship is between the tarot reader and the querant. Due to this relationship, my immediate and ethical goal is to create a space of safety through confidentiality, respect, and unconditional regard. (Based on Rogerian principles – see my background below).

We live our lives in relationship to others. As children, we learn about who we are through relationship with our primary caregivers. This learning about who we are through relationship continues throughout our lives.

We are in relationship with others, and on the other hand, as we become individuated, we are in relationship with ourselves. The relationship with ourselves is informed by the original relationships we experienced growing up.

Interpersonal tarot is concerned with the relationship you have within yourself, the relationships you have with significant others, colleagues, friends, and family.

An important consideration to remember is that we have no control on what others think, say, or do. We do have control on what we choose to do. Taking authorship and responsibility of your own life, of the relationship you have within yourself, which informs the relationships you have with others, is a powerful path to healing.

How is the tarot used as an interpersonal tool?

Interpersonal Tarot uses the cards to help you:

  • discover your unique strengths,
  • navigate your individual path
  • define your dreams
  • resolve stuck spots
  • embody your creativity
  • explore what gives you meaning
  • and, most importantly, strengthen your own intuition.

Interpersonal tarot readings use the tarot as a guide and illuminator of the issues you are facing in your life. When you have questions about the direction you’re taking and about the relationships in your life, the tarot can be an amazing tool to help bring clarity, direction, and expand your intuitive awareness.

The tarot is an effective self-development tool.

Interpersonal tarot strengthens your intuition and provides feedback to expand your potential. Your intuition holds the key to reduce your stress, to find your meaning, and to live more fully in the present moment as you heal.

It is my firm belief that your heart has the answers for you. Interpersonal tarot helps you explore your inner knowledge and wisdom. This unique and mindfulness style of using the tarot helps you make personal decisions to create the life you want.

Using the tarot as an interpersonal tool can help you become more deeply aware of your own intuition in a mindful manner. Accessing and learning to trust your intuition helps you find your unique purpose and path.

My story using the tarot:

I came to the Tarot many years ago when my sister gifted me my first deck. We experimented with the cards and I was surprised at the meanings they uncovered about our lives. My sister was so impressed with my reading for her that she insisted on giving me the cards to take home with me. I have used them since.

Diving deeper into the tarot, I studied the interpersonal and psychological aspects of the cards. What I find fascinating is the intersection between the cards and our interpretations. This intersection cracks open the deep inner meanings we have about our lives and our purpose. Taking time to examine these meanings allows us to create change and become more whole.

Going deeper through psychotherapy:

My interest in the meaning we make of our lives compelled me to return to school and get my counseling degree. My goal was to work with the women who take refuge in the battered women’s shelter. I worked at two shelters as both the primary therapist and as a Clinical Director. Working with the women who are going through such deep trauma at the shelter gave me insight into the deep shadow work we all go through.

Reading the tarot with me is not a counseling session – see my code of ethics below.

I am a licensed Mental Health Therapist in New Mexico (LPCC) and Missouri (LPC) and bring this experience and knowledge to help sort out the tarot’s message for you. I draw upon my ethics and experience to create a safe space to explore what the cards might be communicating to you. And, as this is not a counseling session, there is more freedom to explore the spiritual, esoteric, and intuitive teachings of the tarot.

What to expect when working with me:

When you work with me, we will use spreads to create intuition enhancing meditations with the cards, as well as positive affirmations that you can use and access in your day to day life. You will be invited to use creative methods such as drawing and journaling to deepen your experience.

Call me to set up an appointment to explore your concerns. Our conversation will be filled with empathy, unconditional positive regard, and congruence as we use the tarot to explore your desire, hopes, and dreams.

“Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back.” Plato


I have studied and become certified in various methods of healing living in the Gila Wilderness in Silver City, New Mexico, meeting and learning from teachers and mentors who teach about herbs, about healing methods such as Reiki, Guided Imagery and Music Therapy, the Chakra system, as well as receiving my MA in Counseling.
Wandering through the wilderness, playing my flute, accompanied by my dog Baby, and living on the edge of civilization has brought about transformation in my life that I wish to share with you.


Interpersonal Tarot with Tess’ Code of Ethics

  • I won’t answer questions about your health, as only a qualified medical professional can tell you about your physical condition. 
  • I also cannot advise you on legal or financial matters. I am however happy to work with your feelings around any of these issues, or how they affect you.
  • I can’t tell you what other people in your life are doing or thinking. My readings are about you and the control you have in your own life.
  • If I think you are in deep emotional turmoil, I will let you know where you can find a reputable counsellor, possibly instead of a reading.
  • I will not speak in gendered terms and I won’t make any assumptions about your gender or the gender of others in your life.
  • I am not a psychic or medium and I do not contact the dead or predict the future. I consider myself to be an intuitive tarot reader, but I believe it’s the cards and you who have all of the wisdom – it’s my job to bring you both together!
  • Your readings are 100% confidential and I will not share anything about your life or your reading to others. The only exceptions are if you disclose anything illegal (I have to say this, but don’t be shy if you did something minor like stole some cheese from the supermarket once!). Also, if you say something that makes me think you might seriously harm yourself or others, I will have to share this with the relevant authorities/support organizations.
  • My tarot readings are for “entertainment” purposes only and I am not responsible for any actions you take after receiving a reading. Another one of those things I have to say!
  • I only provide readings for people over 18 years of age and I can refuse to provide a reading to anyone at any time. If for any reason I feel I can’t read for you I will provide a full refund.