Rarefaction – for your listening pleasure

Rarefaction: Susan, Tess & Mickie

Rarefaction - a cornucopia of vocals, flute & piano to create an upbeat contemporary jazz vibe that swings your socks off. Jazz piano - Susan Artemis, Jazz flute - Tess Redmoon grounded with the inimitable jazz bass of Mickie McPhillips. The Tucson jazz scene is richer for this addition! Watch and listen to our little video …


Classy Bach performs Bach’s Sonata a tre BMV529 3/1/2018

Dorothy Randolph performs on the violin

House Concert with Classy Bach Today, Classy Bach performs a special concert for Dorothy Randolph's 90th birthday. Classy Bach includes Dorothy on violin, her daughter Tess,(me) on flute, and in this performance Ruth Helm on organ. The special performance is the Bach Sonata a tre in F major for flute, violin, and basso continuo. https://youtu.be/VW34vOX96Ss

Early Music, Johnny Ain’t Right & Amosphere ~ Tucson Music Scene! 2018

Julie Buck ~ vocalist

This weekend was full of music magic of all kinds! Friday night I went to the House of Bards to hear Johnny Ain't Right. Julie Buck is one of my favorite vocalists! I posted a live video on facebook that night that you can check out here. I did an interview with her (here) showcasing her …