at the Dusty Monk 3/29

Jazz trio at the Dusty Monk 3/29

Join us, Rarefaction, at the Dusty Monk Pub this Friday at 6pm Us = Susan Artemis - vocals/piano, Tess (me) vocals/flute, and Mickey McPhillips - bass! Click here to see the Facebook event. check out our youtube offerings:


end of July Update:

Susan Artemis, vocals & keys

Hello good people! I'm glad to be connecting with you today. It's been quite a month with some major changes, starting with adding Susan Artemis to Red Clay Jazz. We were calling it Red Clay Trio, then Red Clay Quartet, but I'm thinking that it makes more sense to just say Red Clay Jazz. Red …

Tess sits in!

I had. blast getting a quick little jam time in with Eric Mellan's band at Fini's Landing. Eric hosts a weekly jazz jam session every Wednesday. Malik Alkabir, and Glen Gross were both there as well as Eric Mellan on guitar, Lee Gardner on bass, and Ross Freund on drums. Fini's Landing is a great …