Introducing my jewelry

I’m excited to share some of the jewelry I’ve been making. Getting back into silver smithing has been a lot of fun.

Most of my pieces go to the Turtle Earth Healing and Art Gallery. But if you love a piece and want to take it home with you, contact me and we’ll work it out 😊

008 FFF ~ Equinox

008 FFF ~ Equinox

I love to share with you the music performed with my great musical friend, Farshid Soltanshahi. In this selection we present you with Equinox ~ jazz flute and gypsy guitar.

Our musical collaborations go back many years. Most recently, we performed at the Chapel in St Louis. And check out Farshid’s many other youtube recordings such as this video with Sandy Weltman at the Kinda Blue club. 

Farshid is amazing! He has perfected this style of gypsy guitar that has influences from Santana, Paco de Lucia, and  Al Di Meola.

Also I want to shout out to a wonderful photographer, Roy Wilkins. He is responsible for the dreamy black and white photo in the video. Check out his work at RAW SUN Photography LLC at:

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Thank you!!

006 FFF ~ TESS & Willem cover Nica’s Dream bass & flute

Recording audio with these incredible performers

Good Morning flute lovees!

Today I bring you Nica’s Dream in a flute and bass duo. On upright bass is my dear friend Willem von Hombracht.

Nica’s Dream is written in 1956 by Horace Silver. He named it after Pannonica de Koenigswarter. For more cool info about Horace Silver, read his auto-biography “Let’s Get to the Nitty Gritty“.  This looks like a great book, I think I’d like to read it!

The tune starts with a Bb minor with a major 7th, then moves to an Ab minor with a major 7th in a latin feel. this sets the stage for some interesting harmonic ideas on the solos.

The bridge swirls around the Dbmaj tonality It is usually played with a swing feel. It has a short little measure in Dmaj right in the middle of it.

Horace Silver wrote tons of cool tunes.  I’m sure you’d love to check more of his discography.

005 FFF Homage to Dave Valentin

Obsesion by Pedro Flores performed by TESS

Hello flute lovees, today I made a video of Obsesion in homage to the late, fabulous, jazz flutist, Dave Valentin. This song was one that became one of his signature pieces. The earliest I saw him perform this piece (on youtube – I wish I could have seen hi. live!) was with the Tito Puente band at a club in NY.

You can read more and see several of his amazing videos in this article by All About Jazz

When I was younger I had the dream to travel to New York, find him, and study with him. That was not to be, my life took me all sorts of other places, but not to New York and not to Dave Valentin.


004 Flute Fascination Friday ~ Song For My Father

TESS & Flute

Hello flute lovees, today’s selection is from the latin jazz tradition.

Horace Silver, one of my favorite pianists, wrote this tune – Song For My Father. It has words to the effect that he wrote this song for his father who was from Brazil. The original version, by Silver’s quintet, was recorded on October 26, 1964. It has become a jazz standard and is probably Silver’s best-known composition.


Today I made a latin percussion track in GarageBand, put it in my looper, then looped a cello bass track. Finally I played flute on the melody and improvisation.

1/2 size German Cello
Brannon Cooper Millenium Flute
TC Helicon Voicelive Touch


003 Flute Fascination Friday

Hello flute lovees! Maybe I should say jazz flute lovers as this is what we’re doing this week.

Today I made an arrangement of the jazz standard “Don’t Explain”. Starting with vocals and guitar, I added a cello bass line, then improvised on flute.

Hope you love it!! Tell me what you think in the comments below!

002 Flute Fascination Friday ~ Happy Birthday Judy!

Hello flute lovee’s

here’s a fun little selection of flute and accordion music for today’s Flute Fascination Friday!

Judy Mitchell, from AlmaZazz joins me on accordion. It’s her birthday today, so this is a great time to send a little love to Judy!!

This lovely photo is from our gig together at “Eye of the Mountain” gallery in Santa Fe, NM.

Tess and Judy play with a selfie stick at @ Eye on the Mountain Gallery gig
Tess and Judy play with a selfie stick at @ Eye on the Mountain Gallery gig

oo1 Flute Fascination Friday

Rachel Houseman Painting

Love the f -words! 🙂

001 Flute Fascination Fridays

Hello flute lovees!

I’m excited to share with you some of my musical exploits. This is my first post and video for the new series called: Flute Fascination Fridays.

It is so much fun learning new ways to bring music to you. I love being creative in the studio and using video to bring the music to life!

Recently, I had the pleasure of performing with AlmaZazz – my good friend and collaborator on accordion, Judy Mitchell, at the “Eye of the Mountain” gallery in Santa Fe, NM.

While at this gig, Aaron, co-owner of the gallery, introduced me to the concept of ‘green screens’ for making videos. (check out some of his original musical and video work here). Using “green screen” effect is the process of using a green background while capturing video footage, and then

Rachel Houseman owner of Eye on the Mountain Gallery 614 Agua Fria ST Santa Fe, NM
Rachel Houseman owner of Eye on the Mountain Gallery 614 Agua Fria ST Santa Fe, NM

super-impose other video or photos over it. Now I get it!

I had no idea! This is totally fascinating to think that we can use photos, other videos, and who knows what else, animations, for instance, and  super-impose other photos or videos over them! Who knew!?

I’m stoked.

So here’s my first attempt at using a green screen.

  • First I took a photo of one of Rachel Houseman’s paintings
Rachel Houseman Painting
Rachel Houseman Painting

Rachel Houseman is a spiritually guided painter who uses ‘colorscapes’ to unite color, spirit, and emotions to captivate and even at times heal the viewer. Her use of color inspires and captivates me. It was easy to feel a connection with her art to create an improvised ‘soundscape’ on the recorder in this video.

Her paintings are featured in Southwest Art, the Santa Fean NOW as cover art, Taos Magazine of Fine Art, and more. She, a co-owner of Eye on the Mountain gallery, hired me to perform for her closing event for PAZ and his amazing sculptures inspired by  Ammonites.

I love the pearlescent luster of his sculptures as they weave in sinuous shapes like the fossilized shells by which they are inspired.


PAZ front

  • Next I bought some green fabric at the fabric store, used my brother’s screen holder to put it up,
green screen
green screen


  • then took some footage of me improvising on the alto recorder.

My recorder is a Moeck Rottenburg made of Rosewood. My family bought it in Germany

my Alto Moeck Rottenburg Rosewood Recorder
my Alto Moeck Rottenburg Rosewood Recorder

when I was a child. I used this recorder while studying at the Baroque Performance Institute in Oberlin, OH.

  • Finally, I downloaded the footage and photo into the computer and used iMovie to edit it.

Lo and behold, here is the result of this first attempt. I certainly hope you enjoy it!

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ps. learning about the green screen effect reminds me of a business/life coach who was doing a presentation. She was supposedly filming in her home, but for some reason, the clock on the wall behind her didn’t change time. I kept watching the video in hopes the clock would move, but it never did. Now I know why that was – haha!

Eye on the Mountain Gallery

Paz presents surreal sculptures inspired by Ammonites in the show called "Bringing the Fossils to Life"

So excited to be traveling to Santa Fe to perform at the Eye on the Mountain gallery closing event. May 27th from 5-9pm at 614 Agua Fria St.

See you there!


Paz presents surreal sculptures inspired by Ammonites in the show called "Bringing the Fossils to Life"
Paz presents surreal sculptures inspired by Ammonites in the show called “Bringing the Fossils to Life”