Agreement with Club/Restaurant

Tess Redmoon

Vocalist, Flutist, Cellist


My agreement to you as the Venue Owner / Manager,

As a professional musician, it is expected for me to be on time, courteous, and provide the best musical entertainment possible. The music I provide will be soothing, jazzy, and will set the atmosphere to promote a positive dining experience.

As partners in success, we both want mutually beneficial outcomes. To that end, I commit to promote the music and your venue for the evenings I am performing.

Part of my commitment is to use free promotional resources of the community. This includes online and print newspapers, magazines, and blogs such as the Tucson Weekly, Desert Leaf, etc.

Out of what you pay me, I will use up to 10% to create and run Facebook ads/campaigns.

I will also create videos of the music, the food, and the restaurant to post to Youtube and Facebook. (you can see some examples of my interviews/videos at – search for Tess RedMoon).

The ads and videos would include information such as the specials for the evening, perhaps a focus on signature dishes or drink specials. Perhaps a shout out to wait staff who are performing extra well, short segments on the chef and owner, and other ideas to help promote both the music and the dining experience.

If there is a reason I cannot make a gig, I will have a professional substitute for that evening.

Thank you, I look forward to collaborating with you,

Tess Redmoon