Farshid is coming!

An Exciting Visit from Farshid

I’m pretty stoked, one of my favorite guitar players is coming to visit He’ll be here from April 16 – 23rd.

We’re planning house concerts, workshops, and performances. As soon as they become scheduled, I’ll post them on this website.

His first scheduled event will be to perform Friday, April 18th from 6pm – 8pm at the Wilhelm Vineyards at Ventana, 5425 N Kolb Rd #119, Tucson, AZ 85750, (520) 900-7166 .

Farshid "Etniko" Soltanshahi
Farshid “Etniko” Soltanshahi

Check out Farshid’s background:

Music performer / composer / guitar & Middle Eastern Lute teacher.
French language lessons.
Through his travels, Farshid accumulated the music of the world, making it his own, weaving the variety of styles and influences together into a sound that is unique and familiar. His band, Farshid Etniko is an ensemble that performs Latin, popular Jazz standards, as well as compositions that blend Middle Eastern & Flamenco influences with Latin beats and American Blues sensibilities.
His musical journey has taken him from native Iran to France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and USA..mostly in St Louis MO also toured in : CA.AZ.DC.PR.FL.IL.CO.
NC.IA.& and parts of Mexico…
Nat Hentoff, American historian & Jazz critic said:
“Farshid has gotten more than one piece, having created a distinctive, personal multiculturalism that evokes textures, rhythms, colors and stories of diverse cities and countries, fused with Blues, Latin and Middle Eastern timbers with Persian graces.”
Farshid’s group was opening act for Carlos Santana , Greg Adams , Taj Mahal , Cassandra Wilson , Angelique Kidjo , Shahin & Sepehr , B 52.

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