Jazz Flute School Ep.7

Continuing the quest for jazz mastery, I’ve had a very tired day after performing with the Oba Band last night at the Royal Sun – it was a totally fun and exciting evening of Jazz!! But practicing today was a challenge.

I began using neighbor notes, Think that’s what they’re called, lol, with the triad pairs. I started using the half-whole scale in triads ornamenting them with the neighbor notes.

Plus I continued with Confirmation, the Charlie Parker tune and solo. I confess, with all the work I did for yesterday’s performance, I didn’t get very far on this tune. whoops!

I’ll be posting some videos soon from last night, Glendon Gross took some live facebook footage – Big shout out and thanks to him!! that I’ll be using, in the meantime, I’ve included some clips in this video.


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