end of July Update:

Hello good people! I’m glad to be connecting with you today. It’s been quite a month with some major changes, starting with adding Susan Artemis to Red Clay Jazz. We were calling it Red Clay Trio, then Red Clay Quartet, but I’m thinking that it makes more sense to just say Red Clay Jazz.

Red Clay Jazz will still feature me on flute, Kathy Frank on drums, Ken Barry on bass and now Susan Artemis on piano. Susan brings a long history of jazz piano performance to the table. Check out her website and listen to her cds!

Susan Artemis, vocals & keys
Susan Artemis, vocals & keys

Red Clay Jazz, yeah, that sounds good. Since we’re primarily a jazz band  doing 60’s and 70’s jazz – you see, we love that modal Coltrane jazz sound. We also include many from the Jazz Standards book in our repertoire – check out our repertoire list.

It’s the jazz language that inspires and keeps us on our toes. jazz is a never ending learning process, taking lessons from past masters, recent jazz cats, and then putting one’s own spin on the music is a creative process that can inspire for a lifetime.

Keep an eye out for more information about the jazz language, I’m planning several videos to address various scales, patterns, turnarounds, and especially influences from jazz masters from the past. Plus, I’ll also be posting on my approach to jazz flute technique.

Musically yours!



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