Tucson Goddess of Jazz @ International Jazz Appreciation Day

I’m so excited to announce that the Tucson Goddesses of Jazz are performing for the International Jazz Appreciation Day.

April 30, 2018, the event goes from 5-9pm and the Goddesses will be closing the event from about 8-9pm.

It will be held at the Donna R Liggens Recreation Center at 6120 North 6th Ave

Joining me on flute and vocals are:

Kathy M Frank – Drums, ********  Alisha Nichols – Bass / Vocals, ********Susan Artemis – Keys / Vocals, ***Carla “Hurricane Carla” Brownlee – Tenor & Bari Sax / Vocals, ***** Autumn Dominguez – Alto Sax *** Naima Obaitori – Vocals

Keep an eye out for more Tucson Jazz Goddess events! This isn’t all the Goddesses we have in store for you. We are a group of professional jazz musicians – our combined years of experience are too many to count –  we’re ready to bless your souls with inspired interpretations of our shared American Jazz music idiom.

Flyer Tucson Goddesses of Jazz


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