Ms Stevie Woods & Don “Nod” Nottingham @ Valentine’s Day

Tucson Jazz Society is pleased to present our first Valentine’s Wine and Roses Concert featuring the soulful voice of Ms Stevie Woods with the songs of Billie Holiday and the “smooth as silk” voice of Don “Nod” Nottingham. An evening for lovers and special friends.

The event will be held at the Dunbar Center, 325 W. Second St. Tucson AZ. Doors open at 6pm. Show at 7pm. You can also bring your own drink of choice.

Jamar Harmon-keys, Doug Davis-drums, Jermaine Lockhart-sax

Ms Stevie Woods is an international performer and her special interpretations of Billie Holliday songs bring the spirit of Billie to life. See some clips of Stevie performing from the repertoire of Billie Holliday at Elliot’s on Congress a few weeks ago.

Don “Nod” Nottingham, singer, performer, arranger, and dedicated to the craft of music. His passion for the music is evident in the quality he brings to his vocal expression. When you go to hear the “Nod”, you will get shivers from his high falsetto, you will want to get up and dance to the infections grooves, and you will be entertained by one of the best in the business! – see his interview below.

The evening promises to be a beautiful evening of romance, roses, and exciting music.


Valentine's Day at the Dunbar w/ The Tucson Jazz Society
Valentine’s Day at the Dunbar w/ The Tucson Jazz Society




10 Replies to “Ms Stevie Woods & Don “Nod” Nottingham @ Valentine’s Day”

  1. They both sounds awesome! I love Billie Holliday too. And Nod’s voice is very cool — brings back memories of some of my favorite songs from the 60s and 70s in that interview. I totally get his inspiration is the Temptations. Enjoyed your interview.

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  2. “At Last” was the first Billie Holliday song I heard years ago while I watching some movie. When I started teaching, I discovered “Strange Fruit” and used that song when I taught To Kill a Mockingbird and The Hunger Games. She was such a powerful American singer. Even though this event was cancelled, I’ll be on the lookout for Ms. Stevie Woods’ future concerts.


  3. Thanks for posting these performances, Tess. What great voices they both have, and Nod’s 5-octave range! Wow! Nice job on the interview, and on editing in samples of the singing at appropriate points.


  4. “I was a natural tenor one time in my life, then I woke up one morning, and my voice was like this.” lol Great interview. Great falsetto. You can tell Nod has a story. And my first introduction to “God Bless the Child” was probably as the opening theme to Frank’s Place in the 80’s.
    Wow! I am really loving this introduction to the Tucson jazz world, players and places, that I get from reading your blog 🙂

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