Jazz Flute Solo on Stolen Moments

Once again, it was with great pleasure that I got to sit in with and play some smokin’ jazz with the Phil Davis Jazz Session. They perform every Sunday hosted at Brother John”s Beer Bourbon, & BBQ.

This is jazz session is sponsored by the Tucson Jazz Society.

Hope you love the Jazz flute solo on this tune, Stolen Moments, by Oliver Nelson.   This tune is on the album entitled “Blues and the Abstract Truth“. I had the opportunity to meet his son who has become a great jazz flutist, and teaches at Indiana U. Oliver Nelson, Jr.

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7 Replies to “Jazz Flute Solo on Stolen Moments”

    1. the food is really good at Brother John’s!
      My daily practice is to do basic flute technique, long tones, then scales & patterns, to open up the full range of the flute, then work on solos, transcribing and such, and figuring out how to use all that information playing or soloing over a tune – either new tunes, or reviewing tunes I already know. It’s a lot of fun!! I also play classical music almost every day with my mother who is a violinist. We’re performing a house concert for her 90th birthday that’s coming up!

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  1. I really enjoyed the flute. That sounds really cool about you and your mom doing a house concert. Let me know if you post the video. Would love to watch it.


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