Early Music, Johnny Ain’t Right & Amosphere ~ Tucson Music Scene! 2018

This weekend was full of music magic of all kinds!

Friday night I went to the House of Bards to hear Johnny Ain’t Right. Julie Buck is one of my favorite vocalists! I posted a live video on facebook that night that you can check out here. I did an interview with her (here) showcasing her amazing talents. You can check out my post about her here.

Next I did a little foray over to the Chicago Bar. It was just down the street and one of my favorite Tucson bands ~ The Amosphere was performing. I caught a video of an original tune with an important political message written by Amochip Dabney about Gil Scott Heron. It’s cool because I also quote the line “the revolution will not be televised” from Gil Scott Heron in one of my original songs, Apocolypse.

Going back to the House of Bards, I caught the last set of Johnny Ain’t Right and sat in on the last blues tune – Yay! that means a lot to me.

Johnny Ain't Right~lots of us got up and jammed out to an improvised blues tune!
Johnny Ain’t Right~lots of us got up and jammed out to an improvised blues tune!

The next day was a completely different style of music – I went “High Brow” :). The Tucson Early Music Society presents a concert by Pentimenti at Grace St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.  The concert was called “Voltaire’s Candide”, check out how beautiful the church and concert is in the video below! The concert was prepared in honor of Leonard Bernstein’s 100th birthday and was sponsored by the Tucson Desert Song Festival. 

There was more, the Phil Davis Jazz Session at Brother John’s Beer Bourbon & BBQ did not disappoint, and Don “Nod” Nottingham and Jamar Harmon, in Double Trouble at the Royal Sun Lounge, were a perfect cap to the weekend.

Enjoy the variety and talent from this weekend!


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