Behind the Scenes w/Julie Buck ~ Vocalist

Behind the Scenes with Julie Buck:

Come join me in a conversation with Julie Buck, vocalist extraordinaire, and listen to some clips from live performances. Julie sings blues, jazz, RnB, and gives each genre class and pizzazz. It is always a joy to listen to, to perform with, and most especially, to call a friend, this talented and big-hearted Singer.

Other musicians featured in this video include:
From Johnny ain’t Right band: Terrence Kelly, Kevin Heiderman, Les Merrihew, John Minnella, James Nashu,
From the Phil Davis Jazz Sessions at Brother John’s Beer Bourbon & BBQ: Glendon Gross, Jack Wood,
From Minnesota: John Jensen,

Also, check out Julie’s Jingle productions!


From Julie’s bio from the band page, Johnny Ain’t Right:

Women with powerful voices have starred across genres for decades. Whether it’s an iconic voice, high-energy performance or engaging personality, they enrich the music scene with their special talents. Julie Buck combines all those qualities in a commanding presence that has delighted audiences across the nation.
Julie recently relocated to expand her career in Tucson. Her 30-year music career spans jazz, rock, blues and country from the Upper Midwest to the prairie to the Southwest.
Along the way, she performed at signature outdoor concert events such as the Bayfront Blues Festival and Moondance Jam with the Centerville All Stars.

The Minnesota-based All Stars are among the Midwest’s longest running classic rock acts. Julie’s strong voice and dynamic performances became a prime ingredient of the band’s draw and success. She still does occasional guest performances with the All Stars when schedules allow.
Coming off the road, Julie conquered the Fargo market, performing country rock and blues with regional powerhouses, the Roadhouse Rockets and Sugarfoot.
In 1986, Julie’s original songs propelled her to a Nashville stage where she performed on Nashville Networks’ You Can Be A Star show.


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